Installomator Mate

As a professional Mac Admin, there are few tools that have made such an impact as Installomator. I had a similar idea for a script, but only got to package support when Armin revealed his creation and I quickly retired my attempt.

But with Installomator Mate I hope I can make a small contribution to the Mac Admins community.

Installomator Mate provides a graphical interface for searching available labels, configure settings and either copy the code to memory or export as a script to use in your workflows. And of course, if you just need the label, and nothing else, there’s a button for that.

You will need a Github token with read public repo permission to use the app.

If I can conjure up some courage, I will release Installomator Mate as Open Source, but for now you can download it here.

Since Installomator Mate is developed in my ”free” time, I can’t make any promises on new features, but hopefully I’ll be able to add ”Install on this machine” in the near future.